2022 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Trent Bradshaw CFP®, AIF® & Brandon Rogers CFP®, AIF® |

2022 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Before we get too far into the year, let’s clean out the past. Dedicate some time to scrubbing your financial world, and you might find that your personal life feels a little more organized along the way.

Clean out your old stuff
Separate your outgoing items into three piles: sell, donate, and trash. Make sure you keep your donation receipts in case you decide to claim a tax deduction for charitable giving.

Tackle the paperwork
Keep all of your important documents digitally. Borrow or rent a scanner if you don’t have access to one, making the transition painless. Then back them up using a dual system: 1) an automated cloud backup service that constantly uploads files and 2) an external hard drive.
Set financial goals
Start with your long-term goals, work backward through mid-term goals, and end with short-term ones. Remember to include personal goals and spend time tweaking your spending, savings, and investments as needed to remain on track.

Cancel unnecessary and old subscriptions
Make a list of every subscription; you probably pay far more than you think. Apply the litmus test: do I use this subscription multiple times per week, and does it make my life noticeably better? Consider an alternative and possibly a free subscription if the answer is no.

Plan for irregular expenses
Most people forget to budget for birthdays, holidays, and weekend outings or vacations, and this can wreak havoc on a budget. Consider setting money aside in a separate savings account earmarked for these expenses.

Review your savings, investments, and contributions
Click here for the rest of the checklist and for how to address these critical financial products that'll help build your nest egg throughout the year.


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