Ep 18: Spotting Red Flags in Our Finances

Trent Bradshaw |

You’ll want to keep an eye out for red flags in your financial plan to address them as soon as possible. But sometimes we don’t necessarily know what kind of warning signs we are looking for. Maybe you are wondering if you meet with your advisor enough. Perhaps you are worried about your account movement. Either way, we want to be vigilant about these types of financial worries. In today’s episode, we discuss 5 financial red flags you should be aware of.



Key Points:

0:52 – Can you name all the investments in your portfolio?

4:32 – How often do you meet with your advisor?

6:38 – Are your account balances always moving up and down?

7:51 – Do you know how much you need for retirement?

9:24 – Can you describe your retirement plan?



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