Ep 19: Should You Be Putting Off These Financial Matters?

Trent Bradshaw |

We all put things off from time to time. When it comes to our finances what should we be addressing sooner rather than later? On today's show, we will be discussing 5 financial topics and whether it is wise to push them off or not.

Are you thinking of deferring taxes on your retirement accounts? Well, this depends a lot on your current tax bracket and marital status. Generally, you want to eliminate consumer debt as soon as you can, but when it comes to debts on your house or car the answer may be different. Do you have estate and legal documents? Are they up to date? This is something you don't want to delay on! We will also be discussing the benefits of delaying social security and the overall importance of having a financial plan.



Key Points:

0:50 – Deferring taxes

3:53 – Eliminating debt

6:11 – Setting up estate and legal documents

9:10 – Delaying Social Security

11:13 – Getting a Financial Plan



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