Ep 21: What Should You Know About Life Insurance?

Trent Bradshaw |

Ironically, life insurance is a young man’s game. A lot of people assume the older they get, the less they need it but that might not be the case. There can be benefits for your family and your tax planning strategy that you may be unaware of.

While age is really important when applying for insurance your needs are always changing. You can use it for cash alternatives or long-term care needs as well. The utility of life insurance is not always as a death benefit. In today’s podcast, we’ll discuss life insurance and what you need to know about this financial tool. 



Key Points:

0:43 – A young man’s game

2:22 – What is the utilization?

4:56 – Leaving money to the kids

5:52 – Long term care

7:13 – Alternative uses

8:57 – Index universal life



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