Ep 25: Financial Planning Q & A

Trent Bradshaw CFP®, AIF® & Brandon Rogers CFP®, AIF® |

Everyone has questions when it comes to financial planning. So today, we are going to sit down and discuss some common questions we get from our listeners and clients. How much do you need to retire? Well, it’s going to depend on your retirement goals. Will you travel, remodel the house, or cut down on big purchases?

When it comes to your emergency fund, how much is enough? You want to have 3 to 6 months of liquid living expenses. Where does the money in your 401(k) go after you retire? You have options here, so discuss what’s best for you with your advisor. Join us today as we explore these questions and more.



Key Points:

0:54 – “How much do I need to retire?"
2:33 – “Am I okay with the savings I have or do I need more?”
4:40 – “How much should I have in my emergency fund?”
7:47 – “What happens to the money in my 401(k) after I retire?”
9:34 – “I’m getting a divorce; how do I start my financial plan?”
12:29 – “I want to help my daughter start saving; where should I start?”
14:23 – “I don’t think I’ll live long; should I take Social Security as soon as possible?”
16:13 – “Should we downsize or keep the house?”

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