Ep 26: Things that Don’t Matter Until They Do

Trent Bradshaw CFP®, AIF® & Brandon Rogers CFP® |

Smoke alarms, airbags, and fire extinguishers are all things that don’t really matter until they absolutely do. On rare occasions that you need these items, you’ll be really glad that you have them. On today’s episode, we’re going to explore 4 areas in financial planning that may seem like they don’t matter until they do.

We see a lot of people ignore legal documents but it’s essential to have them ready to save yourself or your family time and money. Other areas people tend to put off include long-term care, life insurance, and lifetime income streams. We’ll discuss each of these and how they fit into your overall financial plan.



Key Points:

0:35 – Legal documents
7:38 – Long term care
12:10 – Life insurance
14:49 – Lifetime income streams

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