Ep 30: Investor Beware - Spotting Red Flags When Working With an Advisor

Trent Bradshaw CFP®, AIF® & Brandon Rogers CFP®, AIF® |

What red flags do you need to be aware of when it comes to working with an advisor? There are a lot of professionals out there, with different names and designations. So, it’s important to work with a qualified and experienced professional you are comfortable with.

On today’s episode, we’ll break down some common red flags we’ve seen throughout the industry. From predicting the stock market to using too much financial jargon, which flags have you seen? After today’s episode, you’ll have the tools to spot an advisor that does the bare minimum versus a reliable advisor that helps elevate your retirement plan.

Key Points:
0:30 – Investor beware!
1:00 – Only good news
2:53 – Technical jargon
5:40 – Predicting the market
7:11 – Too much talking

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