Ep 33: Mailbag – Inheritance, Market Growth, and More

Trent Bradshaw CFP®, AIF® & Brandon Rogers CFP®, AIF® |

We are opening up the mailbag on today’s show to answer some questions from our clients and our listeners. We’ll explore inheritances, meeting new advisors, and much more.

Key Points:
0:56 – Wendy just inherited a farm along with her six siblings. Four want to sell and three of them want to keep it. Should they buy out the four or argue until they're on the same page?
2:49 – Roy is interviewing multiple advisors to work with. What should he pay attention to when meeting an advisor?
5:04 – Marty has been out of the market for several years. He’s afraid to jump back in now in case the market crashes more. He also doesn’t want to miss out on more growth. What should he do?
8:37 – Charlotte is retiring in the latter half of the year. She’ll have about 16 weeks of unused PTO. Should she take it all at once or spread it out over a few months?
10:22 – Buddy says he’s ready to retire but he’s not old enough for Medicare yet. Should he stick out working until then or should he find an alternative to Medicare?
12:00 – Ruth is wondering if she should give her money to her children now or whether she should wait?

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