Ep 7: 2021 Housing Market With Dianne Greene

Trent Bradshaw |

In this episode, we are joined by Dianne Greene, the owner of Towne and Country Century 21 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Dianna discusses how the current real estate market stands and compares it to her four decades of experience. She also gives insight into how the real estate world is changing and common trends she is seeing in the market.



Key Points:

2:06 - What Is The Status Of The Real Estate Market Right Now

6:06 - Dianna Compares This Real Estate Market To What She’s Seen In Her Four Decades Of Experience

10:20 - The Going Rate For Commercial Real Estate Property Right Now

12:33 - What Kind Of Return To Look For In Commercial Real Estate

13:21 - The Changes Occurring In Downtown Salisbury

16:40 - Common Issues With Financing In This Current Market

24:09 - How Technology Has Affected Real Estate

28:10 - Resources Available For Simplifying Real Estate



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