Retirement Planning

Comprehensive Retirement Plans | Bradshaw Financial Planning

When you retire, you likely never have earned pay again. Organizing retirement income is one of the central components of an effective financial plan. One of the biggest concerns for most retirees can be outliving their savings or having health costs that were not budgeted for. There are all kinds of investments and solutions to help avoid these potential pitfalls - and advisors can help you assess exactly what will work best for your situation, given your assets.

Here are some Retirement FAQs we routinely address:

  • What steps should I take when I get close to retiring?
  • When can I afford to retire?
  • How much money will I need to retire/how much should I save?
  • When do my benefits begin & how much of it is taxable?
  • What happens to my life insurance when I turn 65?
  • When can I keep my health insurance benefits after I retire?
  • How is the tax free portion of my annuity determined?
  • What should I do about Social Security?